Cemetery History

Photo of an old headstone with an open book atopThe Union United Church Cemetery is situated on Stone Church Road, ½ mile south of the Village of Union. It is owned by the Union United Church and presents an impressive sight with its tall, stately maple and spruce and well maintained appearance. It is located on Lot 4, Concession 3, Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, Ontario.

On June 17th in the year 1850, the trustees of the Union Wesleyan Methodist Church, namely – Samuel Ferrin, John Peacock, Randolph Johnson, Daniel Burgess, Edward G. Forknell and James McKay purchased 1 and ½ acres of land for 15 pounds from John and Pearly Willis. This land could be used for a church site, parsonage or burial ground for the use of members of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Here the early forefathers of our community were laid to rest.

In September, 1876, another ½ acre was bought and in April 1898 an additional 1 ½ acres were purchased. It was not until 1935 that another 3 acres were acquired.\ The trustees later realized that more land would be needed, purchased 12.59 acres in 1966 making a little over 19 acres in our cemetery.

The Board has endeavored to operate efficiently and economically; they are constantly making improvements to beautify the cemetery.

Improvements have been made from time to time. An iron fence was built across the front. Stone pillars were erected at the entrance and exit in 1964. The driveway was rebuilt in 1968.

Tribute should be paid to the people who have served on the Board through the years. They have had vision and foresight.